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It’s 2021. We’re dealing with COVID, emotional fallout, economy fallout, and more and more people out of work. Sure, places are beginning to open up again, but with so many people needing work what are our chances, really. Job centre tells us to keep trying, keep applying, they send us all to the same jobs. Sometimes over 1000 people applying to one job! The management probably doesn’t even read all the applications, and can you blame them?!

We need to take back control of our lives. We need to find a way to support ourselves. We need work that pays.

I know how to get it.

In The Know

I remember searching frantically for a way to make ends meet while living of benefits. No job. No hope. It almost felt like I had no life.

It was during one of these desperate searches that I stumbled upon the answer. I am now earning enough to make ends meet. It took signing up to two separate free sites. If you have a passion, any passion, this is the job for you. allow me to explain.

Wealthy Affiliate

This needs a passion. That could be a game, a tv show, a hobby, your old job, literally anything you think of could make this work. The purpose? You are going to be blogging about this.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you a free course on how to use a website to make money through affiliate links and/or ad revenue. It also gives you all the tools and instruction you need to write effective blogs, create websites, learn SEO, keywords and more.

Find out more about Wealthy Affiliate by reading this blog.

You will need this data for the next step.


Is a site where people hire bloggers to write pieces for them. You will need a portfolio to get accepted for jobs, this is why Wealthy affiliate is such a big help. Not only will you have a portfolio but that website will have traffic if you have followed Wealthy Affiliate instructions. This will show other companies that you are worth hiring.

On here you can apply for jobs with your portfolio, people can come to you and invite you to a job, or you can propose a job to someone and they will hire you for it. Examples:

  • I applied for a job. One result is here (5 pieces $20 per piece).
  • I was invited to a job. School newsletter. 500 words a week. $10 a week.
  • I proposed a job. Unfinished. 41000 words. $300 + earnings when complete.

All of these jobs required a portfolio of past works to move forward.

Working Them Together

One man I know Earns $400 a month through Wealthy Affiliate plus $600 a month through Upwork. Another man I know earns $2000 + a month just doing Wealthy Affiliate. Both these jobs are worth your time but, I find, they work best together. They also give you the freedom to choose your own working hours.

You only need a computer and internet connection to get started.

The potential for growth is great.

How To Get Started

Join Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here. Join Upwork by clicking here. Both have free registration and stays free for as long as you want it to be.

I did eventually go premium with wealthy affiliate to get access to the full course, a decision I will never regret. Full details below.

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